St Lucia citizenship by investment program launched in Oct 2015, continues to gain momentum, as of today, a total of 631 new citizens received passports under CIP.

For 2018-19,  St Lucia CIP scheme approved 210 application, netting a total revenue of ECD$61 million ($22.5M)

Applications New Citizens Revenue (ECD million)
2016-17 36 (received) 61
2017-18 345 (received) 282 27.8
2018-19 210 (approved) 288 61.8

The Chairman of CIP Board said the scheme is, “well-run and internationally respected global citizenship programme.”  He further said, CIP wants to attracts internationally reputed global citizens and CIP Saint Lucia contributing in a tangible way to the lives of all Saint Lucians through the national development agenda

For the year 2017-18,  the number of applications refused stood at 27 and 19 applications refused in 2016-17.

Further three applications related to six persons were stripped of citizenship during 2017-18

Top countries:

These are the top countries applying for St Lucia citizenship by investment program (SCIP) since 2015, with Chinese topping the table.

US citizens have also show increased increased in St Lucia since the start of the scheme.

China 106
Russia 36
Lebanon 40
Syria 42
USA 30


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